The Live Event

Responding to the life and work of Ian White, One Time Only was an event using the space of the nightclub to activate the intersections between music and the moving image. New commissions by artists Tarzan KingOfTheJungle, Anna Clegg, Ahaad Alamoudi and Adam Farah-Saad used media including film, video-jockeying and performance to unravel how music videos shape, and are shaped by, our digital, regional and personal identities.These live works were presented at a club night at FOLD, supported by Futur.Shock. DJ sets by HabibTati and Hellikisto, created in conversation with the artists, accompanied the newly-commissioned works.

The themes behind the project are also explored in an online, interactive publication featuring critical essays, speculative writing and interviews that is free to access.

1900: Doors

1930-2100: Anna Clegg & Tarzan KingOfTheJungle The artists presented ‘Trees Falling Compilation #1 No Music’ a new multidisciplinary work featuring experimental club music alongside video that was  looped, layered and spliced live. Performances within the work further addressed themes of emptiness, negation, artificiality, altered perspectives, and  Mexican Lucha Libre wrestling.

2100-2105: Screening of TV Interruptions 93 (1-3) by David Hall The works in this series were commissioned by MTV Networks and transmitted worldwide (unannounced) on MTV channels over the course of 1993-94. ‘reacTV’ (1’)
‘contexTV’ (1’)
‘exiTV’ (1’)

Provided by LUX

2105-2300: Ahaad Alamoudi & HabibTati Alamoudi presented  ‘In the Bye Bye’ a new moving image and performance work, addressing whimsical, idealistic, or unrealistic approaches to life using popular culture from the SWANA region. A DJ set by HabibTati, developed in conversation with Alamoudi, featuring music from the SWANA region,  accompanied the work.

Screening of TV Interruptions 93 (4-5) by David Hall
‘withouTV’ (1’)
‘ecstaseeTV’ (2’)

Provided by LUX

2305-0045: Adam Farah-Saad & Hellikisto Farah-Saad’s video ‘REGNORTS (N22 MOMENTATION MIX)’ (3’) was screened followed by a DJ set featuring hi-energy, Y2K pop music developed in conversation with the artist. Farah-Saad’s work ‘Somewhere Along My Journey (The Limerence Mix)’  played on a loop during the set.

‘untitled (unexpected friendship)’ a new work by the artist, was  installed in the space. The work features a poem written by a Tinder match of the artist’s on their way home from a club night at FOLD. The work is partly an homage to Felix Gonzalez-Torres and takes the form of a stack of A3 posters, which audience members were invited to take and keep.

0100: Curfew

FOLD, London